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Food Ministry

First Saturday Ministry Event

Our primary focus as a ministry involved our food assistance program. We have five refrigerated box trucks and two dry box trucks, purchased through grants and donations from caring individuals and organizations. CMI Volunteers make regular collections of food daily. This food helps people who may otherwise go hungry.


Below is a Brief Overview:

-Monday through Saturday, starting at 6:30 a.m., our faithful volunteers take the trucks to 40 different grocery stores and outlets to collect donations.First Saturday Ministry Event

-The donations are then brought back to Caring Ministries where the food is sorted for distribution.

-Some of the food is also placed in storage at our warehouse where it is kept in our food room, bread room, walk-in refrigerator, or freezer for future distribution.

-The food is later transported to one of our 50 distribution points in Tucson and along the border to Mexico.

Last year over 3.9 million pounds of food was distributed to over 267,000 people in need.

Caring Ministries